If you asked me ‘Why?’ about a celebration as Valentine’s Day, I would say ‘Why not?’

Surrounded as we are of a -so often- hard, competitive, impersonal and stressful social environment, I’m glad when people take time to be kind to one person -or many- and enjoy a little.  Silly or cheesy?  Maybe, that depends on the taste of those giving valentines.  A moment to make profit out of consumerism?  Most  sellers want to sell, so this is an opportunity, they offer, the decision of buying or not is ours.  There are supporters and critics for all festivities, this one is not different.  For me the trick is not to take it so seriously, have joy with people you like, be kind, show love and enjoy the moment.

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So, why not?  Let’s share a bit of fun, a bit of romance, a bit of chocolate, a bit of love… and a bit of information on the day.   Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!