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Ultimately, we blog because we can, and we read blogs because it helps us connect with other people. We have opposable thumbs for a reason, and that is to type, comment, and click.

I guess the question has no easy answers. Yes, blogs or other forms of online activism don’t make change happen. We see it in Nigeria, we see it on the streets of Caracas, and we see it in the deflating Arab Spring. If you measure impact by the amount of actual political change we achieve, then yes, online participation is a massive failure.

But that’s probably the wrong benchmark. Whether it is by making Boko Haram synonymous with horror or making chavismo unacceptable to anyone with minimal democratic convictions, blogs are about increasing our sense of shared humanity.

In that regard, we, you, and them … are a resounding success.

Juan Cristobla Nagel in ‘I, blogger‘ posted in Caracas Chronicles